It’s all about the journey…

For the last week, Milwaukee has been home to Harley riders from all over the world.  The heavy rumble of the Harley engine is never far off. Leather jackets, T-shirts fashioned with the winged logo, and booted riders are simply everywhere.  This festival of cycles and cyclers was not lost on our presider at last evenings liturgy.  Fr. Dom pondered the phenomenon by quoting one bikers mantra that it is “all about the journey…”

As he took us down this riders road, I pulled over to a mental oasis for a few moments. The words of the homily flew past like the hog aficionados on the freeway and  I wondered, how did I ever get to this place, this moment? I recalled the circuitous,  path I’ve danced from child to teen, studying Fashion Design, marrying and bearing four children along the way. I wandered onto slightly less trodden ground and entered  the Seminary to be formed as a parish minister. I directed choirs, prepared  prayer, led prayer, sang prayer, and then felt bereft of musical prayer. The journey  led me to teaching, forming children and adults in faith, and now, into Spiritual Direction.  And in the last six or seven years, the fashionista, the textile and color artist within, was also knocking at the door–no, it was breaking down the door–needing, aching to be reunited with the woman of prayer.

And tonight, here I sat–guitar in hand, voice humbly trying to raise a simple prayer while the loom at home called me to weave with a prayerful, gentle touch.

In that moment of oasis, I realized that I had blazed a little dirt path in the wilderness of God’s invitation and gift.

Thanks Harley nation.  Thanks for the visit to Milwaukee. Thanks for the nudge to pull over and reflect.

Indeed, it is all about the journey…


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