A baaaad day…

Today, I entered the world of  the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.  This was my maiden voyage into the foray of barns of yarns, spinning wheels, loom craft, purls, raw fiber and sheep skins. My creative spark lit up to envision  projects  for which I simply have no time.

A girl can dream, right?

[One vendor sold peacock feathers for $1.00 each–no, I chose not to indulge…(I already own a collection! 🙂 ]

These events offer great opportunities for people watching. I could almost hear the inventive gears clicking as vendors  were consulted, stories shared, and yarns  examined.   What transformation will come from the assorted fibers, rovings, yarns, dyes? Endless possibilities. Endless.

There is much more to this festival than these simple ramblings would allow.  I encourage you to check out this link for further information.: http://www.wisconsinsheepandwoolfestival.com/

By the way–I returned home armed with 2 new shuttles for my loom, information on how to maintain said loom, yarn for my dream skirt, and some fabulous leather.

For the record, the leather purchase was completely unexpected, but holds the promise of a handbag to be birthed…

For creation, for creating,

for the dreams of things to be created,

I say,


Sheep_wallpapers_261 (1)



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