The need is great…

I feel overloaded by the violence in our country and in our city and in our world.

It is so easy for me to try to ignore the hatred and fear that spins the violence,

but I cannot do that.

None of us can afford that luxury.

A little beauty balm is needed for the weeping open sores of this global village.

One of the symbols of the peacock’s feather is that it represents the all seeing eye of God–always watching.

This watchful observant eye is manifold and surrounded by–is amid–the calming hues of the peacock.

God in the midst of the chaos of color– beautiful, gentle, peaceful, and alive.

The peacock also represents vision, glory, awakening.

These are noble qualities to don.

I think I shall put on a garment and attitude of beauty, gentleness, life and non-violence

for the need is great.




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