The Spirituality of Fashion

People are always taken aback when I tell them that I studied Fashion Design but now I work for the church.

Perhaps they think that I designed albs and chasubles.

Or, maybe I had a come to Jesus moment and burned all my Vogue Magazines.

As odd as it may seem to many folks, the combination makes perfect sense to me.

I am a person of many talents and expressions. I have a deep spirituality that expresses itself in music, in writing, in art, and in my choice of garb.

“Stilettos for Jesus?” you may wonder–no.

“The Devil wears Prada?”  Well, that one is already taken…

“Taize Talbots?”

No–you aren’t getting it!

There is a wholeness and holiness to the reverence of my person–I am a Daughter of God.  I am a creative, created being of Light that is of God, by God. The temple is arrayed in joy, delight, humor, wit, intelligence, compassion, beauty, peace–all to give praise and glory to my Maker.  I invite a Spirit of love and hope and life; I welcome the fellow traveler.

Share your story, your journey. Don the feathers that protect and delight. Cover yourself in a garment of peace. Walk with integrity.  Move in in dignity.

That’s what I ‘m wearing–how about you?


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