It’s list time–for what I am thankful…

  1. family: my birth family, in-laws, our children, our grandchildren,  their spouses and their in-laws; cousins, aunts and uncles and all of their families.  We remind each other of our base humanity. period.
  2. humility. [see above].
  3. friends: work friends, parish friends, old friends and new friends; neighbors, bleacher friends, and those I have not yet met…
  4. the basics: shelter, food, clothing, heat, clean water, medical care, education, meaningful work, transportation, safety, freedom…
  5. sight: vision of the eyes, vision of the heart and soul, forward thinking vision, visionaries and prophets/prophetesses…
  6. moisturizer…got ya! this list is not entirely profound, but truly, moisturizer for a midlife face is a piece of heaven…
  7. color: skin tones and race, dawns and dusks, autumn leaves and spring lilacs, summer greens and winter grays, ocean blues and hothouse corals, lipsticks in burgundy, eye-shadow palettes in plums, taupes, teals, golds….
  8. the Peacock: to remind me of new life, resurrection, and beauty…
  9. music: the air that gives sound to my soul, my longings and my joys, my hopes and dreams, and some days, simply my baseness…
  10. my mind: it is not yet gone.
  11. my husband: best friend, love of my life, encourager, puzzle partner, life partner, co-parent, co-grandparent, wall on which to bounce and bounce off dreams and ideas, prayer partner and faith sharer, faith challenger, team co-captain, love of my life [I know I said that one twice but I really mean it!] and dare I say it–soul mate….
  12. this present moment in which to breathe. reflect. ponder. think. be….

Happy Thanksgiving!


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