The Perfect Wisconsin Day….

It is two minutes until kick-off.

The Packers are playing the 49ers, Rogers is back, and all of Wisconsin is hyped.

But that’s not all.

Outside, the temperatures are falling, falling, falling.

The world is white, icy, frozen.

The game is not the only kick-off in town–old man Winter and his bag of wind chill is at our door step.

Two days ago, MPS made the call to shut down school Monday.

That is all it took.

One by one, the school districts bellied up to the close it down bar, and they fell like dominoes.

The churches came next, followed by an announcement from a large local grocer chain that they would close at night tomorrow.


The Pack plays on and their big question is, short or long sleeves??

Meanwhile, Wisconsinites are tucked in their homes with blankets, beer, taco dip, maybe soup and most of all,

with big hopes for their winter heroes to overcome the adversity of the playing venue.

It is the perfect Wisconsin day….


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