More generosity…

This crazy cold weather is a gift, a crazy generous gift…

Of course, not everyone living it would concur, but I am delighted.

[I am also, warm, fed, housed and safe–I realize not all have these benefits.]

The gift of minus 50 degree wind chills is that everything but essential services shuts down.

In short, I stayed home from work today–in fact, we closed down for the day.

I am taken back to the great snowstorm of 1970 or so….I recall that we ended Christmas break with a friend of my sister’s staying the night.  The snow began and one overnight stretched to three.  These days were also cancelled school days. It was every kid’s winter school closing dream.  By day three, however, we were getting a bit edgy–that ol’ demon, cabin fever, infiltrated the party.  I suspect that this bout of cold, too, will grow old.

But for now, I feel like a pioneer.  You know, the  “back in the day” type of braggadocio that we will milk from this party?

So for today, it is a wrap up in my fuzzy robe, layers of clothing, hot beverages, split pea soup, and a good book this evening.type of day.

The generosity is this:

I have been praying for a Sabbath experience–a real rest. Coming on the heels of time off for the Holidays, I have been blessed with the generosity of rest.

And I am thankful.



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