true confessions and a few realizations along the way…

confession: I took a long walk this morning for the first time since late November or early December.

realization: it is safe to come out of the house again in less than three layers of warm clothing, boots and a furry winter coat

confession: the shades and drapes in our home have been shut almost non-stop for over 2 months.

realization: the sun is now capable of lighting and warming a room as well as melting snow, thus creating lovely flowing water sounds out of doors…

confession: I did indulge in buying the peacock shoes–I got them for $28.50 on clearance in January.

realization: I will actually be able to wear them soon!!

confession: I haven’t wiped down or sorted through our pantry in two years.

realization: the largest mess was that people keep moving the spices and seasonings out of alphabetical order–I know, sounds crazy but helps me find things easily…

confession: I have held on to many possessions that I no longer need, have fooled myself into believing I needed in the first place, or never needed at all.

realization: I am finding great joy in creatively packaging gifts and give-aways for unsuspecting friends and anonymous receivers.

Amazing what a lovely march day can do for one’s spirits!Image

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