It is april and I’m no fool…

Our tulips are peeking theireads through the winter faded ground cover.

I rejoice!

I am finally wearing spring clothes.

Let me clarify.

I am wearing clothes that I anticipated sporting throughout the month of March.

The Easter dress is under consideration, but I do think something of warmth might not be a bad idea…

The tulips took it on the chin this winter–only one set is growing.  l wonder when we will see it’s Spring outfit? Perhaps, it too, will consider keeping some warm layers available for the Easter show?

I am no fool—I learned many years ago that April can be cruel. I recall that in the seventh grade, there was a week of fabulous summer hopeful warmth that seduced me into packing only short sleeve shirts, and a winter jacket without mittens for a weekend long camping trip.

I froze.

Lesson learned.

Easter will break through the dark and the cold; warmth will arrive.  The birds are singing, my peacock shoes are ready, and the tulips are poking their heads through the winter drear…



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