The wearing o’ the green…

Tis St. Paddy’s Day and all the world is Irish…

In honor of this feast day, I am sporting the lovely shade of influenza green and completely out of circulation.

The upside of this time out? I am blessed with time to ponder many things. I shall share a few of these musings:

  • Illness came upon me swiftly despite hand washing, rest, good food intake, etc. I am reminded once again, of my vulnerability, my mortality, and that life goes on without me trying to orchestrate it. Those are good reminders. 
  • I again wonder if I need to be engaged in a less wearing vocation.
  • Rest is a beautiful gift! It also allows me more intentional prayer time–also a gift.

So while I am sporting a less than fashionable face today, I am wearing the blessings of quiet and recuperation. 

And that is fine.

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