It’s Spring!…finally

It’s the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


To celebrate, I would like to share 10 random things that are jazzing me today:

  • for the next 3 months, the sun  shines longer, brighter, warmer
  • in all likelihood, the need to wear three or more layers of wool on a daily basis just to stay comfortable has passed
  • the birds are bursting forth with their impassioned love songs
  • vegetables and fruits grown closer to home, tasting more like vegetables and fruit-less like cardboard–are in the stores
  • the tulips are shyly but surely popping up on the south side of the house
  • our bed linens are flapping in the breeze
  • I have donned my Spring coat and jacket and let go of the heavy, furry versions
  • colorful skirts and dresses have come out to play
  • turquoise eyeliner just feels right
  • the peacock pumps are ready to strut their stuff!

How about you–do share what jazzes you about this first day of Spring!



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