teal tales…

April is many things…

  •  a month of showers
  •  greening grass
  •  blossoming buds

This year it heralds the new Life of Easter–life from death.

Akin to this,

April is also Sexual Abuse Awareness Month.

Teal is the hue of this awareness and advocacy movement.

I do not know for sure why teal is the color,

but for this peacock, it is a gift:

it speaks of standing tall and proud and rejoicing in new life

even when one might wish otherwise.

teal gift box

Throughout this month, I am posting original poetry/prayer–the fruit of women baring their souls, emptying their hearts, cleansing their memories.

If these poems and prayers speak to you and you wish to share them with another in need, please do so.

In fact, I encourage you to do so!

All I ask is that you give the appropriate credit to moi–the author.

And so, let us begin:

A piece of my soul is missing

all my friends say I’ve changed.

Have I really?

I am sobbing now like I haven’t in years.

I see death all around me.

I cannot take it anymore.


I am strong—

I’m over that incident

[have been for years now]

yet I feel so fragile and  broken.

If one more person I love dies

I think I shall die too.

 A piece of my soul is missing

someone stole it from me years ago

[as a child].

I am strong and nothing bothers me!


a piece of my soul is missing

God, I feel empty.

I am dying inside.

Just ease my pain

make me whole

replace my soul


Please….before I die too…

NC updated 4/2/15

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