it’s monday…

Guess what day it is???


It is Monday,

back to work after well deserved time off.

Back to the parish, to the needs, stories, delights, sadnesses that are part of living as the body of Christ in the everyday world.

All is well for me, but somewhere tonight, a parent is crying out to the Divine One for a way to reach a loved one in pain.

If this is you, or someone you know, please feel welcome to share this prayer for Courage.

(Please do respect this author’s ownership if you do share.)


Lord, give me the courage to ask one more time if she is okay

if she would consider counseling

if she might be sleeping around

if she is drinking too heavily

if she wouldn’t just consider walking through this God-awful angst to seek some light of wholeness

and find her own holiness once again?

Please  God,

show me

help me

give me the words to speak

and the courage to stay strong and not buckle under

when she snaps back at me …..

©Nancie Chmielewski updated 6/27/13


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