the balm of gilead

April has been a time of journey for me through this land of blogging.

I am grateful to all who have accompanied me as I shared various prayers and poems created from the hearts and voices of many who perceive themselves as voiceless. I hope these writings have given sound to both the sadness and the hope that can arise when one seeks to heal from abuse.

Today’s poem references the balm of Gilead and refashions it as healing for the soul.

As always, you are welcome to share these words with someone you think might benefit from hearing or reading them.  I simply ask that you credit me appropriately as the author:

and how does the healing balm flow?

does it enter, ooze, seep deliberately into the cracks of my facade and then

one day,

I notice that something like honey

has coated the heart?

it is strange and wondrous

this healing

begun so very slowly,

and only over time,

perhaps eons

but nonetheless,

it requires my cracks to remain

just slightly ajar

in hopeful vigil

for the healing balm

flowing once more

over this shattered soul.

©Nancie Chmielewski  updated 4/27/15


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