[e]M-barking Monday–Spiritual Ruminations

May Psalm

I awake today,

a May tune

a song of praise

a psalm of joy

for  the magical May-time of Spring

erupting from my dreams.

The trees

just freshly popped into leavery,

all green and seedy and flowering

accompany my May ballad,

trilling a tune

of First Communions and proms,

weddings and graduations,

and Mary.

Yet for me,

it really is all about the trees



intoning their May psalms,

and an aria of resurrection.

My prayer of praise breathes through me

exhaling a floral exultation,

that He is Risen;

saturating the airwaves

with a mighty sigh of deepest joy

like the cardinals wooing their partners,

greenest grasses begging to be shorn

and sheets flapping in the scented breeze.

Let the Church say,


©Nancie Chmielewski  5/4/15

spring tree in flower

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