Wondrous Wednesdays–Artistic Endeavors: A Little something for a Little Someone…

Our newest family member is due to join the world in a month or so.

To celebrate her impending birth, I wove her a blanket comprised of unmercerized cotton yarns [8/2] in shades of white, light yellow, aqua and gray; then bound it with a fine 100% cotton print in aqua, sprinkled with white polka dots.

This print reappears in one of a set of four cradle sheets (which I also created). The yellow, gray, aqua and white tones in the prints reflect the stripes of the blanket.

Creating these layette items was a labor of love but also, a connection to this yet to be born babe–a link we hope to nurture for many long years.

The cradle itself, is a link to the past as well as a gift to the present and future family.  My late Father-in-law fashioned this oaken beauty as we started our family adventure 35 years ago.

Our sweet little grandchild will be blessed to rest in the freshness of the new blanket and sheets stitched by her granny, but will rock in the well worn, loving arms of her great grandpa.

What a delight to share in his creative legacy and to add to it!

blanket in processfinished blanketfloded blanket

cradle sheets gray and multi sheets yellow aqua sheets

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