Feathering Friday–Fashion and Beauty Musings

Just for fun…let’s do a reblog today!

The Prayerful Peacock

In honor of David Letterman…my top 10 fashion and beauty ponderings this week [inhale]:

10.  Why is the internet so obsessed with the Jenners/Kardashians, etc? Really?

9.    When do beauty and fashion cross the line to pornography? {see the Met Gala}

8.    How many layers of serums and creams are really necessary for the average woman? or, even healthy?

7.    What magic lies inside of an $18.00 bottle of nail polish?

6.    Foundation application–via brush or fingertips?

5.    Why would any sane person pay $4000.00+ shoes, boots, or a handbag?

4.     On the opposite side of the coin, when will we break our fast fashion habits so that laborers can be paid a living wage with benefits?

3.     Do numbers 4 and 5 above cancel each other out?

2.     Has anyone else noticed how (no other graceful way to say…

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