Monday Spiritual Ruminations: Pentecost stirrings….

We, the early risers, bedecked in our red garments, accessories, ribbons and bows gathered to pray.

The flame flag floating and dancing above us, around us, and within our small but faithful community of 8am Mass  attendees as we lifted our voices and proclaimed:

We are a Pilgrim people, we are the Church of God…”

We are.

And we must be, for our call is to be bearers of the Good News:





for a weary, war-ridden, violent world.

We must re-ignite the flame of love.

We must.

It will be small, almost imperceptible at first.

Sudden surprising gusts of wind will nurture the flame with joy, hope, love

and we will be amazed.

We shall declare God’s peace hope love

in tongues that seem indiscernible

until we let the words truly flow from our hearts.

We desire peace

justice for all peoples


right judgment





wonder and awe

and above all


The Pentecost outbreak is here.

Let’s do it….


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