Monday spiritual ruminations: the Doorstep

When I was teen, a very popular poster graced the bedrooms of my generation.

[Yes, we hung posters in our bedrooms…]

It said,

“Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes, I just sits.”

I’ve read a number of posts in the last weeks that speak to summer dreaming, summer fun, summer to-do lists.

Well, I want to just sit.

I want to grace my front step with the presence of a soul seeking rest and peace.

There is great healing power in this type of sitting.

After my body has accustomed itself to this relaxed posture, I will breathe deeply.

Exhaling, inhaling, smiling as I notice how that breath enters and leaves me, tickling my lungs and stretching my belly.

Listening is next–to the bird songs, to the children squealing with joy as they dive into cool pools; to lawn mowers and edgers, to motorcyclists revving their Harleys, and most hopefully, to silence.

In that silence, I simply am.

In that silence,

I sit with God.

In that silence, my body is restored to health, my mind to sanity, my imagination to a full creative stock.

Yes, I shall sit on my doorstep and dream and listen and pray and be.

How about you?


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