Monday spiritual ruminations: A Mid-Summer’s Prayer

God of all Seasons,

I thank you for mid-summer mornings

when birds lazily tweet their dawn tunes

and fragrance meets dew drops

as roses wake slowly from short hours of night.

I bless you for hot mid-summer afternoons

as sun blazes and boils the waters

raising humidity levels

and erecting thunderous towering cloud castles

I praise you for mid-summer evenings

as children play in alleys and cul de sacs

and the swiftness of joggers and bikers

call forth a thirst for iced tea and lemonade

in all who hear the grit grind as wheel and shoe spit gravel and dust

and babies are snuggled

stories read

songs cooed

love whispered

and the birdsong offers taps

as the sun fades into

the mid-summer night.


july 2014 tree

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