Pope Francis’ Most Important Speech: A Radical Call for Change

I was going to write a Fabulous Friday on eyeshadow today, but after reading this, my heart is humbled to share these hopeful, courageous and wise words. Please read and share. Thank you.


Last night, Pope Francis gave perhaps his most important speech—one that was filled with powerful, direct, clear language; that provides an excellent overview of the core themes of his papacy and the way they fit together; and that connects these themes with Catholic social teaching and the philosophy that underpins it. Here are some of the many important points he makes:

We need change

“Let us begin by acknowledging that change is needed….

Do we realize that something is wrong in a world where there are so many farmworkers without land, so many families without a home, so many laborers without rights, so many persons whose dignity is not respected?

Do we realize that something is wrong where so many senseless wars are being fought and acts of fratricidal violence are taking place on our very doorstep? Do we realize something is wrong when the soil, water, air and…

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