Feathering Friday: All Fingers and Toes…

A short post on this July-finally-made-it’s-way-to-Wisconsin-hotter-than-Hades-day

A big Family Event this weekend:

The wedding of my godson Dustin!

  • Dress–almost done (hook and eye and a good pressing)
  • Shoes and Purse–ready to slip on
  • Jewelry–earrings need a quick reattachment of a bead (pics in a couple weeks!)
  • Make-up– bronze eyes, rosy brown lip (Origins Lotus)
  • Mani and pedi at Haven Salon in my hometown!

The nails were done with Morgan Taylor polish.  This was my introduction to the product and I like what I see! The colors were cataloged by number at the salon and unfortunately, they don’t correspond to the numbers online.  I believe the pedi is “Man of the Moment” and the mani is “Chain Reaction.”

Pics next week…the peacock is flying the pen for a bit….


pediDustin wedding dress hem basted wedding lips mani close up wedding eyes


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