Monday Spiritual Ruminations–the Pause that refreshes….

Even Jesus got away from it all.

I am not shy about using my vacation time.

Vacation–to vacate the normal pattern of living and working, to sit back, to breathe (my humble definition!)

Last week was one such pause.  We traveled to our sacred ground–Sister Bay in Door County Wisconsin.

The days were warm and sunny with low humidity and no bugs.

We could not have asked for more!

Yet, we received plenty:

  • hours sitting in the shade at the lake
  • birdsongs lulling our overwrought senses
  • gentle breezes waltzing with the waters
  • boats and sails bobbing in and out of the horizon
  • lush greenery, fragrant herbs and blooms
  • delicious and abundant repasts and treats

And so I pray,

My spirit rejoices in God my savior

for God has looked upon the weary and provided refreshment,

rest and comfort for body and soul,

a banquet for the senses

and time to simply be….

Yes, even Jesus stepped away from it all once in a while….I’d like to imagine he visited Sister Bay.

Sister Bay 2015


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