Monday Spiritual Ruminations: An August Night Prayer…

I call out this night

to the One I cannot seem to name

the One who is beauty and truth

light and dusk

evening and morning

winter and summer.

I cry out with an angst

deep in my being

that wants to know Your Name.

I always imagined I knew who You were and are

but lately

I hesitate to use the familiar monikers.

Oh nameless One!

I think I shall simply whisper Abba, Amma

and breathe in Yahweh and Jeshua

exhaling a Ruah

and in those breaths

allow Your Presence to Be.


this fair August night

beckons sleep now.

I shall trust this night to Your loving, near to me Mystery.


sun through trees door county


  1. Goosebumps! Girl, you capture what people feel, but cannot say, themselves, spot on! I am in awe of your talents and beautiful personality!

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