Monday Spiritual Ruminations: Let the Church Say Amen…

The  August crickets sing it, 

The night insects add a steady one note harmony,

The air is heavy and fragrant 

And a tender haze brushes the evening sky.

I suspect that my neighbors are girding their loins for a final dog walk while others are winding up their day– cars leaving, returning, or maybe just not decided about ending a summers eve…

Children are quiet and birds have settled down for the night, resting their golden throats for the morning prayer of the morrow.

And I am striving to take it all in and let it fill my heart to bursting before my eyes can cease to stay awake.

Let the church say amen–let it chirp and walk and buzz and sing and waft fragrantly in August haze.

Let us praise the God of day and night, of life and death, of faith hope and love. Let the church raise its amen. Let it breathe out and then may we rest to begin anew.



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