Wondrous Wednesdays: Beads r’ Us or, the Creative Cave part 3

I really am proud of this accomplishment…let me know if you’ve shared my joy!

The Prayerful Peacock

No, you have not stepped into some cruel time machine, it is Thursday.

Wondrous Wednesday became a bit wacky and wild and bereft of energy in my world, so we’ll just pretend it’s Wednesday today.

A quick update on the Cave–the beads are done! I needed to make a Michael’s run for a few more containers (hard to believe, right?) but the bead collection is now completely sorted by metal category, color and function. i.e.tools and threads and wires [oh my…]

These smaller assortments are now housed in some lovely peacock decorator boxes and arranged as a tower.

I have added this tower of beadza to the all important storage closet.

bead boxes


We have a mostly organized Creative Cave!

I intend to put on the finishing touches this weekend, which I shall share next Wondrous Wednesday…

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