Feathering Friday: do the mash one last time….

The final mashie of this post is a professional, classic look.

In that spirit, this week my new spruce faux leather skirt [Ann Taylor] meets white silk blouse, black jacket [both past Ann Taylor purchases], black suede Anne Klein boots, and a necklace of my own design and making:

mash up 3

This skirt is a keeper! And here are some reasons why:

  • I tend to keep a similar palette from season to season [taupe, black, cream turquoise shades, greens, blues and teal] and it fits in well with said palette.
  • When shopping or sewing, I like to find pieces with long term wear-ability and pieces that can travel through multiple temperatures. In addition to the options I have posted, this skirt will be worn with a nice Tee or mock turtleneck sleeveless shirt; various dressy tanks, cardigans and pullovers, scarves, gold, silver and multi beaded jewelry as well as with a wide variety of shoes.

Overall, a great addition to my wardrobe!

Next week: some beauty product news!

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