Feathering Fridays: Too Glam…

Okay, I confess…I am such a sap for beauty, romance, and silly games i.e. NCIS reruns until the end of time [Tiva–please come back Ziva!!!]; Project Runway, new eye shadow, new lipstick, Facebook ditties such as, what artist are you, etc…you get the idea, right?

So, absolutely NO SURPRISE that when a young lovely Estee Lauder salesperson (desperate for people to have their photos taken) invites me to have a free mini makeover and a photo shoot for the Glamour [the mag] and E.L #GlamourBestAngle contest, the sap goes for it. Head. On.

Pluses: great make-up artist who “gets” someone my demographic (read age and life experience, girls); a skin care regimen experience of the top of the line EL products (not anywhere in my budget world, by the way); some new tips and color ops, and some fun photos.

Minuses: Seriously, I no longer fit the vibe of the Glamour editorial viewpoint.  I actually did for a few years, a very long time ago, but seriously…they will never opt for a 58 year old. It’s simply not their world. Too bad because a trip to NYC is always a great adventure!

In the end, the experience was worthwhile. I had lots of fun and felt like quite the diva for a short 30 minutes.

That really was long enough…

at the makeover


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