Wondrous Wednesdays: to be or [k]not to be….

My mind reels over the titles I might have chosen for this piece:

  • a Hot Mess
  • it’s [K]not fair!
  • it’s [K]not happening…

but Mr. Shakespeare won out.

All this to say that my creative efforts of weaving a ruana are tied up in knots right now!

This past weekend, I set to work winding my fabulous new yarns to prepare for warping and wefting (is that a word??).

The silks caught me up short.

Both skeins left me tied up in knots.

I shared with my husband that perhaps, I am being urged into practicing patience.


But 6 hours and about 2 yards of windable silk later, I think it’s time to cut the knot.

Yes, I am cutting, re-knotting (in a purposeful fashion) and continuing my winding journey….


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