Monday spiritual Ruminations: and hope must be their names.

Tonight I pose  questions, ruminations, and a call for healing and hope.

I first penned this poem four years ago, upon hearing of yet another murder resulting from domestic violence.

I wonder if hope has been given a chance in the aftermath.

A woman was killed Wednesday afternoon in what police described as a suspected domestic violence homicide.

The stabbing occurred about 1:30 p.m. and police said a male suspect was taken into custody.

Neighbors identified the victim and said she had been stabbed to death…

This is all the paper had to say about you.

I do not know you.

But I heard that you were in your forties

a mom to two children

a teacher

and now you are dead.


how many more women will die at the hands of an angry spouse

who can’t handle his own stuff?

why were you his whipping post?

what will be the future of your children?

will they grow up to be door mats or powder kegs?

will they stand up and say No?

change the parameters of the game?

The boundaries of their lives must be renewed


healed and remade,

and hope must be their names…

lake michigan

Nancie Chmielewski   June 30, 2011   updated 10/12/15

[author’s note: you are welcome to share this poem but kindly give credit to the author.]


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