Feathering Fridays: True Confessions of a Project Runway Geek….

Love to hear from you all!

The Prayerful Peacock

With thoughts sublime, inane, and somewhere in between,I offer you these reflections on my enjoyment of Project Runway:

Truth: when I first heard of this show, we did not have cable. I was wont to dismiss it regardless of that fact, thinking, “seriously? what next? Is this the survivor mentality gone astray?”

Truth: my youngest daughter rented season one and two, brought it home to share with me and voila! I was hopelessly hooked.

Truth: we entered the world of cable not too long after this episode and both my husband and I were locked in to watching, season after season…

Truth: I majored in Fashion Design in college.

What delights me about the show: the creativity of many of the challenges! Mood Fabrics–and, after having visited in person, I can honestly say it is so much better than the precious few glimpses we get weekly in the…

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