Feathering Fridays: Snow Hunt…


I live in Wisconsin and I post something that indicates I’m hunting for snow???


Fact: the first “big” snow of the season is due to blow in any minute now. Reports are calling for 6 to 10 inches.  I viewed the radar map and it is a rather large storm approaching my little corner of the world.

The first snow is so exciting! Soup, cocoa–the hot variety–gloves, scarves and boots; snow shovels and snow blowers all come out play. We hunker down and get cozy.

Speaking of cozy…and hear is where the “hunt” aspect enters in…I have been preparing my new Hunter boots for this day! I have worn them on three or four occasions to break them in. Besides that, they are just fun to wear! I was, by the way, able to find them in my signature blue…

So, my weekend forecast calls for a sore body [from all that shoveling], great chili, cuddleduds and other warm and cozy clothing, and my new Hunters. I predict great fun!

Hunter boots

Have a cozy weekend everyone!

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