Monday spiritual Rumination: Finally…

The week of Thanksgiving is finally here!

The thought of goodies galore fills my imagination–and soon, my tummy!

Turkeys, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin almost anything you can contrive, sweet potato soufflé, mashed potatoes, the infamous green bean casserole, creamed cabbage, cranberry bread, cranberry sauce, stuffing, brussels sprouts, corn….

…the list is endless.

This year we will be with one of our little families but will have the opportunity to visit all via facetime.

I am most thankful for that chance to hear their voices, see their faces, laugh and catch up.

I am grateful for the texts and the phone time we’ll have with our sibs and their families.

I am delighted that we shall have face to face time with family on multiple occasions this month.

I am hopeful that, given the above goodie list, I will keep my weight at bay.

I am glad for the season of Advent that follows on the heels of this feast day, and for the counter-cultural prayer time that will accompany the days of December.

It is family, friends, faith and food that will fill the week and the days ahead.

Finally…time to kick back and say, thanks.

Fall 2015 pond

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