Ending the month with random thoughts…

It is Saturday–the last Saturday of November.

The final Saturday of the Liturgical year.

A sunny, nippy, 2 days-after-the-Turkey-Feast-Day-Saturday.

I have been occupied with family and feasting so my usual schedule of postings is off.

That’s okay.


Because it is Saturday.

A day for some random thoughts, if you don’t mind!

Here we go:

  • My apple pie turned out fabulously!! As did the egg strata. Both were a great compliment to D and J’s brined and oiled turkey, glazed carrots, brussels with bacon, homemade whole wheat dinner rolls, and our cinnamon yam coins. BONUS: I managed to lose a pound this week!
  • My ruana is off the loom! Ends are tied and waiting for finishing techniques. I’ve only a few odd threads to repair. This was by far my most successful looming adventure! Pictures coming next Wednesday…
  • I received my second Stitch Fix package–holiday edition. Just not sure that they get me yet. Do I cut the cord now or hang in until the end of the summer? Stay tuned….
  • Advent begins at dusk tonight. I need to hunt out our wreath and candles yet, but I’m sure they are in storage someplace. I love Advent. The dark late winter afternoons melding into starry midnight blue skies brings me deep inside my own ponderings, dreams, hopes…
  • A hearty vegetable beef soup is on the stove top and will carry the meals most of the week. We try to eat a bit more simply during this month so as to appreciate the outpouring of festivity once we come into Christmas!
  • The only shopping I did on Black Friday was the grocery store. Period. Enough said.
  • Kudos to Nordstrom’s in their waiting to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving!

I suspect that this is enough randomness for all of you!

Enjoy the day.


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