A Fresh Start…

Since we last spoke, I have been very busy:

  • Celebrating
  • Eating
  • Giggling with grandchildren
  • Enjoying the snow
  • Playing with the computer

A large portion of computer time has been involved in remaking this blog!

I have discovered that WordPress offers a fair number of free platforms as well as the opportunity to try them all out.

There are a couple of bugs to be worked out but on the whole, I am pleased with the new look.

I have attempted to organize my writing into the three categories that I post:

  • Spiritual – Monday Spiritual Ruminations
  • Creative – Wondrous Wednesdays
  • Fashion/Beauty- Feathering Fridays

Also new, you now have the option of finding me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

These musings are really just another form of self-expression for moi, but I do genuinely hope you gain some occasional enjoyment and insight from reading them.

Tomorrow I shall post my thoughts on this new year.

Until then, be well and know peace.




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