Monday Spiritual Rumination: Bringing in the New Year…

Over the past week I have read my share of New Year’s reflections and resolutions, while chomping at the bit to lay out mine.

I pride myself in taking the time to ponder the past year and discern goals for the coming year.

But this year, I am stuck.

I have dragged my feet pretending to have a stoic spiritual knowledge that, the moment would come and with it, the vision of the goal to pursue.

But I am stuck.

Just plain stuck.

I do have a word—Trust.

This word has shimmered up as a direct follow up to last year’s guide word: Listen.

I am good with both of these words and their ensuing directions, their invitations to my living.

But the goal list—just not here yet.

Maybe I need to stop trying so hard to figure it all out.

Perhaps I need to just relax, be in the moment.

Sounds good but I do love my lists!

Ok then, I shall give in to the list:

  1. Try to stay in the present moment, part 1. This means I must let go of hanging on to wounds and grudges—the past. I really do desire to do this. It will be a grace of freedom to do so.
  2. Try to stay in the present moment, part 2. Looking to the future obsessively sucks my energy. Having a dream, a goal, and even a plan is okay. Trusting to God’s guidance in the many lovely ways in which it comes, is the real goal here.
  3. Be aware—of the love that surrounds me, of the goodness that is within me, of the blessings of my husband, family, friends, community.
  4. Seek the presence of Christ in all I encounter. Period.

In a nutshell–Let go. Trust. Be aware. Seek.

A lot of room for growth and creativity in this list.

It will be a great year.

May yours be blest as well!

winter 2016


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