Monday Spiritual Ruminations: Befogged…

We have entered the realm of the deep chill.

After all, it is January and it is Wisconsin!

Blankets, fur scarves, cuddle-duds and boots are well worn and greatly loved these days.

Warm beverages and plenty of homemade chili and soup complete the tableau.

Ah, winter…


As I cozy in, I find my spirit digging in deep as well.

My dreams are heavy, rich with images that give me pause—am I dreaming or is this happening?

I awake to pull the blankets over my head and enter into prayer that places me on a pier.

It is eventide, late summer perhaps.

I am joined by the one I know as Christ, Yeshua.

And we sit in silence.

I am overcome with sleep again.

Deep thick sleep, like fog wrapping itself into the winter branches of empty trees.


And I sleep.

And I dream.

And I am made holy and whole.

Completely befogged.

At Peace.





  1. Watched the sunrise this morning at the Rotary meeting. Busy with post-Christmas meetings all day and into the night. A busy church & community! Your post reminded me to look out the window and enjoy a beautiful Rocky Mountain sunset in Estes Park! Sending warm thoughts to you up north in Wisconsin! I remember winters in Minnesota growing up, Eau Claire at university, and North Dakota (Grand Forks) with the Air Force! May W arm blankets and the love of Yeshua keep you safe and secure ❤️

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