Wondrous Wednesdays: revisiting my dreams…

Once upon a time, when I was in college (about 8 lifetimes ago) I majored in fashion design.

Loved it.

Was intimidated by it.

Screwed up my courage and overcame the terror of this venture.

Did it.


Started my own business.

Someplace in there, I discovered illustration.  I would retire to my dorm room every Friday night (I know…no wild life here…) and draw. For hours on end.

My plan was this:

After graduation, our wedding, beginning the family, and owning my business, getting the babies into school, I would create a killer portfolio and get the illustration job.

The day came when I could finally put together that portfolio.

I made an appointment with the woman who taught me how to illustrate. I needed her advice. Her blessings.

She looked it over, gave me some of that longed for advice, and then (with some sorrow in her voice and on her face) informed me that fashion illustration was no longer a viable option. Not for me. Not for her. Not for the best illustrators in the world.

Photography took over, and then, computer generated imaging.

No one wanted to pay for an illustrator anymore.

My dream popped right there.

But I’ve never stopped loving the concept.


My illustration techniques are rusty at best.

And yet, this little computer has offered me some creative loopholes to play with.

And so, I offer you a rusty but love filled photo and fresh paint illustration, per our computer.

One word: Fun!!



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