Feathering Fridays: one final product…


Last product to review from the tremendous trio.

The product du jour is YSL Touche éclat.

Two Fridays ago, on my Nordstrom pilgrimage, I had the delight of finally trying on YSL’s touche éclat. The associate who helped me brought out two tones: #1—Luminous Radiance and #2.5—Luminous Vanilla.

#1 has a pink undertone while #2.5 is a bit warmer. For fun, I sported one on the left eye, the other on the right. I wear glasses, so it really didn’t seem to matter too much!

We both agreed that the Luminous Radiance was the better fit, although they both worked.

It felt lovely on my under eye skin and seemed to wear well.

That said, I’m just not convinced of the rave reviews. First of all, my research as well as the associate herself indicated that this product does not work as a pure concealer. It really needs to be applied over one’s concealer and then it tricks the observer into thinking that the cover up works perfectly! Now, isn’t that the ultimate goal of all cosmetic illuminaters?

I think I can find other options. It was fun to try out!

Next week…my very first NARS purchase…..

August sun 2 (2)

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