Monday spiritual Rumination: What I love about January…

Things that ring my New Year bell:

  • Cold—frozen cold—air on my face, waking me when I’m in a slump
  • Crunchy snow—takes me back to childhood after school snow forts
  • Soup salad and bread dinners
  • Wearing layers of wool yet still looking fashionable
  • A fresh calendar
  • Snuggly blankets and NCIS reruns
  • Fresh thoughts
  • Hope
  • The scent of pine needles lingering in the vacuum cleaner
  • Organizing in a purposeful I’m on a mission way
  • Knowing Spring is still a few months from actually happening, yet being okay with that knowledge
  • Catching up with friends post-holiday—one can savor the visits
  • Starting the cycle of daily prayer anew

How about you?



  1. Thank you, Nancie, for this uplifting post. It’s so much better to embrace winter than to sit around in January wishing it was over! You’ve captured one of my desires, which is to enjoy the coziness of winter, and the photo reminds us of the beauty of this season.

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