Wondrous Wednesdays: why I sew…


This seems to be my week for making lists.

So I offer you 10 reasons for why I sew:

  1. When I was a little girl, I loved to pull out my Mom’s rose printed hat box that held treasures of fabric scraps. I would cut and pin and stitch my way through these scraps creating odd but enjoyable bits of doll clothes
  2. Mom—always a fashion plate in her own right—advised my sisters and I to learn to sew if we wanted nice clothes. Five children and Catholic school out did a wild clothing budget!
  3. Fabric jazzes me.
  4. I love to manipulate textiles
  5. Great fabric takes me to the Garden of Imagination. Bigtime.
  6. The high I get when I have accomplished a handmade garment with quality skills and materials that looks like a million bucks (but costs very little)
  7. Can you say–One.of.a.kind?
  8. Keeping alive an art. I am connecting with men and women through the centuries, but also touching the talents of artists alive now.
  9. It’s fun!!
  10. Sewing is creating, and I love to create. It is deep in my DNA, and I hope, a contribution I can make to this world.

So…future projects:


Have a Wondrous Wednesday!

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I am a fabric artist and a professional minister in the Catholic Church. I am married for 40+ years to a most fabulous man. We have 4 adult children, 2 daughter-in-laws ( who we also consider to our children!) and 4 grandbabies. I love to weave, paint silk, sew and design garments for myself; bead, read, write and color. I am also a spiritual Companion/Director and have a special place in my soul for women who are healing and in need of healing from trauma and abuse. I love coffee, quiet reflective prayer time at my kitchen table and long walks to breathe in the Holy Spirit. I would like to learn how to spin yarn and will someday create a spun, hand dyed/painted, beaded, woven fabulous garment of peace!

4 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesdays: why I sew…

  1. I love to sew too, it is right up there on my list at #2, right after reading. My mom also encouraged me to sew by offering to buy me fabric and patterns but not clothes beyond necessity (I had 7 brothers). Still I did have a budget for my fabric and very quickly learned to go to thrift shops for fabric, buttons, and notions. I could purchase better quality than I could afford if I deconstructed clothing to scavenge what I needed. Needless to say, my clothes were definitely one of a kind, but worth every minute of work they took to make.

  2. I grew up in at a time when there were still home economics classes in junior high as well as high school. My mother sewed when we were younger but with 6 kids didn’t really have as much time for sewing. My sister and I made most of our own clothes as did most of my friends. We traded patterns back and forth and helped each other learn to sew zippers and such. It was a lot of fun. When my kids came on the scene I made most of their clothes until they reached an age when they didn’t want to be seen in ‘homemade’ clothes anymore. After that I stopped sewing for many years and didn’t start sewing again for quite a while. I love sewing- it’s relaxing, it’s fun, and it’s great to share or keep the finished items! Love your list! Thanks for sharing.

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