Feathering Fridays: the Sephora safari…

January 29, 2016

In the past week, I’ve done 3 things I have been thinking about for some time:

  1. I signed up with a monthly (or so) subscription service—“Wantable” [more on that later in February]
  2. I spree shopped at Sephora
  3. I bought my first NARS lipstick (see #2)

Today, I am sharing with you the NARS experience.

If you have followed this little blog adventure, you know that I have an unrequited desire for Tom Ford’s Casablanca lipstick.

I simply refuse to spend $52.00 on lipcolor.


However, I will hunt down it’s dupe…and thus, we have today’s beauty blog drama.

Last Friday, newly minted Sephora gift card in hand, I began my Sephora safari by pursuing the elusive T.F. dupe. I had done my homework, combing the web for just the right combination of performance, price and of course, color. After reading a review about NARS Audacious lipstick, my interest piqued. Checking it out, the color slate offered me some real possibilities. Like any good huntress, I formulated my plan of attack, and thus, I arrived at Sephora.

Inititally, the shade, “Anna” seemed to be my winner. In person,though, Anita was a close second. What to do? Try them both on, of course! And that I did.

Quite honestly, the combo of both Anita and Anna was the solution. But did I really want to spend my gift card on 2 lipsticks, when I clearly harbored other wondrous wishes?


In the end, Anita won. I do have other lip colors to mix with it when necessary. What the heck, I thought, it is worth a shot!

And so, the great NARS portion of the Sephora safari began…

Stats on this item:

  1. Comfortable, non-drying
  2. Lasts through morning coffee and snack
  3. Leaves a bit of a stain, which is unusual for a nude tone on my lips
  4. Staying power? Same as Tom Ford, Estee, and millions of others I suspect—3 to 4 hours.

Would I do it again? Maybe….

Next week: the safari goes deep into the make-up jungle…



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