Monday spiritual Rumination: Mercy…

This is the first full week of Lent.

The journey has launched and here I am…wondering where “here” is.

I spent most of last week down with the flu. Nasty. No connection to the prayer life of the community in which I minister. I am playing catch up this week, rushing through preparations for programs and rituals and sacraments and feeling rather ungrounded.

Amidst the paper chase, and the usual cares and concerns of pastoral life, folks with deep life concerns appear at my door, in need of an ear, a shoulder, some heart.

My energy is not 100%.

It’s not all up to me. Not by a long shot. I am part of a bigger community of hands and feet of Christ. I know this and yet, I feel completely overwhelmed and disconnected.

And in that messy overwhelmed place, is where the beauty lies:

The beauty of Mercy.

Mercy given, mercy received.

Mercy promised, mercy offered.

Mercy when I need it, when I don’t want it, when I can’t even imagine extending it.


God’s mercy to me and God’s invitation to me to show mercy to you and anyone else in need.

It is late and I am tired.

Tonight, I shall rest in mercy.

In the morning light, may my heart be restored and filled

With mercy.




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