Wondrous Wednesdays: a little sweetness…

I have completed a little bit of sweetness for a little bit of sweetness, my granddaughter!

This young lady has a love affair with texture, so when I discovered a patchwork-madras-calico-chenille Mood Fabrics specialty, I knew it was all her. Thinking a play dress would fit the bill, I ordered a sample cut of the fabric, and then, the fabric itself.

Fabric arrived a month or so ago.

Patchwork squares were about 6” x 6”.

Hmm…the samples I ordered were cut in a manner that led me to believe the squares were smaller.  A dress just did not seem to be the right call anymore.

Fortunately, a friend of mine, who also has a little granddaughter and enjoys sewing for her, found an adorable pattern for a spring jacket. She shared with me and voile’! We have a sweet little jacket!

Additional information: I chose to line this piece with a cotton flannel—white with tiny little hearts in pink, yellow and gray, picking up on the pink and yellow chenille. I cut apart some of the madras/calico squares to create the button loops and to devise a pattern in the hood lining.

The flannel and buttons came from JoAnn Fabrics. The pattern is courtesy of a book entitled: Handmade Beginnings, by Anna Maria Horner.

The Baby is courtesy of my son and daughter-in -law. Out of respect to their privacy, you will not see Miss Sweetness, but trust me on this…too cute!

Next on the docket—a skirt for moi!

Go now, and create!





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