Feathering Fridays: adventures in spring dressing…

It is April 8. It has snowed every day for the last week.

Really Mother Nature?

When we talk about “April showers”, I know it was the rain-type, not the frozen version we had in mind.

So, how does one dress in this crazy weather scenario?

I cannot, will not, wear my winter coat. No can do.

I will deign to wear my boots—not the suede versions, but the equestrians will do.

Multiple sweaters, scarves, jackets over tights, leggings or trousers are par for the course.

Some bright and sparkly jewelry helps as well.

But oh…my spring jaunty dresses and floral skirts; lightweight jackets and linen cardigans, and of course, the open toes shoes really want to come out to play!

C’mon man…bring on Spring!














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