Monday Spiritual Rumination: there is always light…

This is the last of week of Sexual Violence Awareness month of 2016. Many blogs have been written, Facebook posts pasted, and tweets blasted regarding the issues that flow from the epidemic of sexual violence.

I think now is a good time to reflect prayerfully on this all too prevalent disease:

Each time the storm clouds gather

And unleash their torrent of bone chilling angry rain

Their pellets of biting hail,

Their flashes and back flashes of brain numbing lightning


Then you must recall this piece

Of hidden wisdom.


The rain clouds and the storm winds

Cannot stop

The Light.


It lingers above the world of

Tornadic messiness

And disaster


It wriggles through the tiny

Patches of free air

And shines with tender glory

Through to the ground


Rays of peaceful reassurance

Holding their own

Creating auras of hope

Even as the next storm front

Barrels into the atmosphere


Hold on to the light

Embrace the rays

Remember their promise

Their healing call

That there is a time to be whole

And rise again.




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