Feathering Fridays: all that glitters is sometimes gold…

A short update on this Feathering Friday!

We had a great time at the prom! The venue—the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Calatrava wing—is simply stunning and elegant. The meal, while delicious, was a bit elongated. Interesting that the adults could handle that time length but the high school students didn’t have a clue of how to handle waiting between courses. They simply needed to move around. Ah, youth…

The manner of dress was quite varied—gentlemen in tuxes and sport coats; women in long and short gowns. Sequins, trains, red, black, and white; vibrant color and boho style, and of course, lace created a delightful patchwork!

The students loved to dance and really rocked it! Tom and I did our chaperone duty and had the opportunity for a slow dance before we left…

And here is a picture of the happy couple: me in my gold and Tom in his chestnut and taupe tones.

prom couple


Happy Friday!





















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