Monday Spiritual Rumination: with regards to the Breastplate of St. Pat…

I am participating in an 8week online retreat through the Abbey of the Arts.

The title of the retreat is The Soul’s Slow Ripening: Celtic Wisdom for Discernment.

I began week 6 today and love how this journey is unfolding. It has left me delighted and uncomfortable at various points, which is a good thing as it shows growth.

One of the challenges put forth in the last week was to create a prayer based on the Breastplate of St. Patrick. The original prayer has a rich history. It has inspired many other prayers through the ages. I also think that it is a prayer that springs from deep within, and that is part of its consistency and popularity.

It also is a strong recognition of being clothed in Christ, bearing that love and goodness through the tougher and darker moments of life, as well as sauntering together in the bright days.

I offer you my version:

I awake and whisper good morning

A thank you for sight and movement

Peace of sleep

Food and warmth

Protection through the night.

And now I arise and greet you in this new day

Asking, seeking

Your presence in all things

Every step and each thought

My words and my being.

Be with me, next to me,

Behind me and in front of me,

Under and above me

Within and without.

Embrace me as I live

And as I once again

Come to rest.


spring walk 4




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