Wondrous Wednesdays: rock solid…

We are beginning another phase of home renovation. This time, we are having granite counter tops installed in our kitchen. Our home is 22 years old. We had the great privilege of building this home and have lived and loved in it well. In all that living and loving, the Formica counters have taken a beating! Thus the granite…

Along with the counter tops, we will have new back splash tiles, a silgranite sink, and a new faucet.

The granite will be two colors—the darker [Santa Fe Brown] for our sink/stove counters and the lighter [Venetian Gold] for the island and desk.

Tile samples await our final decision.

Sink color and shape as well as faucet type and tone are yet to be decided!

One does not replace these items every day so great care is needed in choices made. I personally like a classic vibe with a bit of oomph to it to keep it fresh.

Chad at Ironwood Builders will once again lead the charge!

More pics coming once the process begins…





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