A wondrous feathering Friday…

I’ve had one of those weeks…so, I finally have some time to check in and share about upcoming creative and beauty adventures!

Today, I indulged in a plant peel facial, an eyebrow wax and my first summer pedicure for this year at Haven–Muskego’s go to spa for Aveda products. The day here is hot and sticky, so the pampering was absolutely lovely!

Tomorrow, I make my annual pilgrimage to the Bead and Button Show, held in Milwaukee Wisconsin! Yes, there is much more to us than cheese heads and beer. The Bead Show Marketplace is for me the equivalent of Mood Fabrics, or, a fabulous chocolate store, or….well, you get the idea! Vendors from across the globe as well as local artisans will hawk their wares as men and women from across the globe shell out lots of bucks for handfuls of beads. Peter Minuit had it right! For myself, I just spent an hour scoping out prospective booths for my attention the hopes of scooping up some peacock beads and something unusual for my collection. I promise an update next week!

I have a few projects to wind up and would love to just color! Mallie’s dress will be completed this weekend and hopefully my Mother’s alterations as well. I may still sneak in a little sketching…

That little piece of nirvana would follow Sunday’s Lupus Walk. Tom and I are adding our feet to the march on this nasty disease.

So there you have it!  shall report back Wednesday and Friday on these adventures. Join me Monday for a spiritual rumination…



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